Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My name is Nell Peterson and I go to U-32 High School. My favorite subjects are Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, P.E. Outside of school I li
ke to play soccer, ice hockey, lacrosse, and I also like to go skiing at Jay Peak Resort.

I really like making crafts. I enjoy sewing with my sewing machine, knitting hats and mittens, and crocheting hats. At U-32 I play the oboe in the eighth grade band. I am also learning how to play the guitar. My favorite candy is any thing chewy like gummy bears. My favorite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. I really like the time period it was set in because girls wore puffy dresses and they were very stylish.

I think it is very sad that Patrick died of Pancreatic cancer. He was a very good actor and a good dancer. One of my favorite book series are the Harry Potter books. I really liked how J.K. Rowling used her imagination and was able to write an entire book series with just a whole bunch of ideas written on a napkin at a Diner.

Thats all for now!


  1. I like your font Nell! maybe you shouldn't put your last name in there if your settings don't say "only let people see my blog if I say they can", because anyone in the world can see it, but I LOVE THE JELLYBEANS!!!!!

  2. I spy a Harry Potter book!!! ^_^ Love The Blog Nell!!!

  3. Nice! All those jellybeans are making me hungry… I've always wanted to see DIRTY DANCING, I've only ever caught glimpses of it. Keep up the blogging!