Monday, October 24, 2011

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Back then almost every white person had a black maid in Mississippi, also known as the Help. A woman named Skeeter Phelan wants to become a writer. To start out she went and got a small job at the Jackson Journal. Skeeter was apart of a women's club and she played bridge once a week. One say when she was at the club the leader of the group was talking about how colored people should have their own bathrooms because white people could get their diseases. Skeeter didn't believe in this because she was practically raised by the help in her household.

Skeeter felt that the whole "having a maid" thing was ridiculous because no one should be treated this way. Skeeter got in touch with a book publisher in New York and told her her idea. The publisher said that is was a good idea but Skeeter would have to make it work. Skeeter didn't know what it was like in the perspective of the Help so she needed to find a maid that would agree to the dangers of Skeeters interview. This book is very interesting and is very humorous. By reading it you learn about what it was like back then with segregation and how it could affect people's lives. There is also a movie to this book and it is also very funny.

I have seen this movie and it was very entertaining. I thought that the actors were very well chosen. I think that this movie could win an Academy award.


  1. Did you see the movie? If so, did you like the movie better, or the book?

  2. Yes i did see it. I think i like the book better!

  3. Cool! I only saw the movie, so I will now read the book!!!