Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stolen: A Letter to my Captor by Lucy Christopher

Gemma, sixteen, is on a trip to Bangkok with her parents and is hating it. All she wants right now is to get away from her parents and to be back home in London. At the airport she sees a coffee stand, she quickly tells her parents that she is going to get some and she'll be right back. Without noticing he is watching her. Gemma orders the coffee and waits to pay for it. She hands the cashier money but he won't accept it because it isn't the right currency. A young man a little older than her offers to buy it because he has the right currency. He offers to add sugar or cream in it so she could go and find a table to sit at. Without her knowing he pours it into the cup. At the table they start to talk. His name is Ty. Gemma asks him where he is from, he tells her Australia. Have you ever been to Australia Gemma? Ty asks, she replies with a no. Would you like to go there Gemma? He asks, she says sure.
Gemma wakes up in a small hot room, on a small bed. Where was she?
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  1. OOOOO!!! That sounds creepy! I like the link to the book trailer!