Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twilight By: Stephenie Meyer

I have recently started the Twilight series again and I am now hooked.

Twilight is about a girl named Bella that takes a chance and move to Forks, Washington to live with her father Charlie. Forks is the complete opposite of Arizona, damp, dark, and cold. Bella starts her year the as any other new student would at her new school. Every thing changed when she went to her biology class. She was assigned a seat next to Edward Cullen, one of the most mysterious yet godlike people she has ever seen. What really struck Bella as odd was that he was giving her the most awful look like she was the most vial thing Edward has ever seen. The next day Bella didn't see him neither did she see him for the next three days. Then on the fourth day when she walked into her biology class she saw Edward again. When she sat down next to him she was surprised to hear him say actually notice her existence by saying hello. Throughout the rest of the day he talked to her until they parted to different classes.
After school it had snowed and it was very icy in the school parking lot. Bella was standing next to her car and mindlessly looked over the parking lot and saw that Edward Cullen was looking at her. Then suddenly she heard the screeching of a car and saw that a large van was swerving trying to avoid the ice and it was heading right toward her. Suddenly she was pushed to safety by Edward and looking up she saw that he had stopped the van from crushing with only his hands. Bella was rushed to the hospital along with Tyler, the driver of the van. At the hospital Bella was released but as she was leaving she saw Edward talking to his family in a stern voice. She talked to him about the incident and asked him how he could of gotten to her so quickly when he was all the way across the parking lot. He replied by telling her that he had an adrenaline rush and that she could even look it up. Frustrated Bella had to just accept his answer.
Bella was invited to go to the local reservation to visit the beach La Push with some of her new friends. She invited Edward to go with her because they became good friends. He couldn't go so Bella was stuck with going with Mike, a boy that followed Bella everywhere almost like he was her loyal pet. While at La Push a couple boys from the reservation came to visit some Bella's friends at the beach. Bella thought that she recognized one of the boys. It turned out that it was Jacob one of Bella's childhood friends whose father was friends with Bella's dad Charlie. They started talking and Bella was asked why she didn't invite anyone to join the beach party. She told them that she had invited one of the Cullen boys. One of the boys from the reservation, Sam, said that the Cullens didn't come on the reservation. Bella thought that it was strange that Sam had said this so she decided to ask Jacob to join he for a walk. Gleefully he agreed and they started talking.
Bella asked him why Sam had said that about the Cullens and Jacob replied with telling her an old Quileute Indian story. He told her that Quileute Indians were supposedly descendants of wolves and that one day his great grandfather was hunting with his pack when they came across the "cold ones" they called themselves the Cullens and they told them that they only hunted animals. The wolves made a treaty with the Cullens that they wouldn't hunt on each others land. Jacob said that it was only a story but many people on the reservation took it seriously like Sam. Being curious Bella went home and did some research. She searched Quileute Indian stories about the "cold one". She found that cold ones were fast and drank blood. Surprised by this Bella did more research and found that it was the same for all. Bella had to face the truth, Edward was a vampire and she was in love with him.
This book was very exciting and intense. I encourage others to read this book because with every page something new is happening. If you aren't interested in reading this book I suggest that you see the movie because it is also very suspenseful. Click here to see the trailer for the movie.

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  1. Wow. That was very detailed!! I liked how you gave a lot of information in your review. Now I want to read it!!