Friday, January 13, 2012

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

This is the last book of the Twilight saga. In this book Bella is now engaged to Edward. He has given her a car that will not only protect her from car crashes but protect her from bullets and more. Jacob has run off, staying in his wolf form, because Bella has now agreed to marry Edward and has sent him an invitation. Bella has decided to give Alice, Bella's soon to be sister in law, full power of her wedding. It is going to be big and expensive. To get ready for her big day Alice takes Bella and transforms her into a beautiful bride. Surprisingly Rosalie, Edward's beautiful but distant vampire sister offers to do her hair. When Bella is finally ready to go she is walked down the isle by her father Charlie who she has been living with ever since she moved to Forks in the first book. After the wedding ceremony they hold a great after party. When Edward and Bella are dancing outside together, Jacob surprisingly comes to see her. He takes over and they both dance together. All of a sudden Bella accidentally says the wrong thing and Edward is there in a flash pulling her away from him so that when and if Jacob transforms he won't hurt her. After this sad interruption It is now time for Edward to take Bella to their honey moon destination. Edward hasn't told Bella where they are going so it will be a big surprise. When they finally arrive they are at a small island called Isle Esme that Carlyle let them borrow. While being there Bella and Edward go and do many things. When their trip is winding down Bella realizes that she is late and that she is pregnant. But how can she know that she is pregnant when she has only been late for seven days?. . .Find out what happens next to Bella by reading the rest of this book.


  1. Good job Nell! Personally, your book review is way easier to understand than the movie trailer!!