Friday, January 13, 2012

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

This is the third book in the twilight saga. In this book Bella is reunited with Edward Cullen but is torn between him and her new werewolf best friend Jacob Black. In Seattle many mysterious murders have been going on. Charlie, Bella's dad makes sure that he know's Bella's every move so she doesn't get harmed. Edward is keeping Bella busy with college applications so she can go to college before she gets turned into a vampire, as one of Edward's wishes if he is going to be the one that changes her. Jacob keeps telling Bella that he loves her and that he is better than Edward because he is not making her change like Edward is. Jacob steps to far when he forcefully kisses her. Bella keeps telling him that Edward is the one that she wants and that she does want to become a vampire. When Edward hears this he automatically proposes to her because he will now change her into a vampire only if she marries him first. Soon Bella finds out that the reason there have been all of the mysterious attacks is because someone is creating an army. But not just any army but a vampire army, lead by no other but Victoria. Back in the first book, James, Victoria's mate is killed by Edward because he tried killing Bella. Knowing this Victoria wants revenge and the only way would be to kill Bella. Edward now afraid for Bella's safety makes a plan with the werewolf pack and the rest of the Cullen family to fight against all of the newborn vampires. . . Find out what happens next to Bella and in the Battle by reading the rest of Eclipse.

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