Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I this book a 15 year old boy who is known to him self as Number Four, but to others as Daniel or John and several other names isn't like us. He came to Earth at the age of four from his home planet Lorien because it was being invaded by the Mogadorians, a terrible race of aliens seeking as much power that they can find. Number Four along with nine other numbers look like humans but are far more powerful. They were the only ones to escape the Mogadorians with each of their Gaurds also known as Cepans. Number four and his guard Henri have been moving from place to place on Earth because the Mogadorians are hunting each of the nine numbers down so they can kill each of them before they can get any more powerful. Each Number in his or her coming age will get what they call legacies and get different powers. Right now Number Four has just moved to Paridise Ohio with Henri after just getting his third
scar which means that Number One, Two, and Three have been found and killed by the Mogadorians. Number Four and Henri have been running to many places under many names. When Number Four and Henri move to Paridise Number Four goes through many different things. For the first time in his life of running, Number Four meets a girl that he is madly in love with and also makes a friend that he will have forever. But suddenly things change and the Mogadorians find out where Henri and Number Four are and are in route to killing them. Will Number Four be able to get away in time?. . . Find out what happens next by reading the rest of this interesting and suspenseful book.
If you read it and really like it there is also a movie for it that is also very good.

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