Friday, January 13, 2012

New Moon By Stephenie Meyer

This is the second book of the Twilight saga. In this book Bella is turning 18. That is a year older than Edward who will ever remain at 17. Even though Bella told her not to, Alice, Edward's vampire sister has invited her to her own birthday party that will be held at Edward's house. At the party Bella is given her gifts from each of Edwards "adopted" siblings and from his "parents". Finally the party is wrapping up and Bella is down to her last gift when she starts to open it she cuts her self on the wrapping. Right away chaos begins. Jasper, Edwards new brother starts after Bella because of the blood but then Edward shoves her away into the wall causing her to cut herself more. At this point being in a room, with a large family of vampires, and bleeding isn't the best place to be. So Carlyle, Edwards adopted dad, makes everyone leave the room, because the temptation of blood doesn't affect him any more, and gets to work on Bella's cuts. After being stitched up Edward drives Bella home. From that point on Edward starts drifting farther away from Bella because he fears that his being around her just gets her into more and more danger. So one day Edward takes her on a walk through the woods and tells her that he and the rest of his family are leaving. She starts out thinking that she can go with them but he stops her and tells her that he doesn't want her to come. So with a short good bye Edward leaves Bella. For good. He even took the time to take everything he ever gave her away so it would be like he had never existed. At first Bella goes through a long period of depression. But soon she is back on her feet again because she spends all most all of her time with her best friend Jacob Black. But suddenly he almost disappears and doesn't call her. His dad says it is because he is very sick and that he doesn't want visitors. But Bella thinks it is something more than that. . .
Find out what happened to Jacob and if Bella will ever see Edward again in the rest of this book of the twilight saga.

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