Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ashfall Mike Mullin

In this book a young boy named Alex, after arguing with his mother, has been given the permission to stay home for the weekend by himself while his Mom, Dad, and sister go to his uncle's farm to visit. This is the fist time he has ever been by himself for over 24 hours. After his parents finally leave he goes up to his room. Knowing that he should study for him Chem. test he decides to play World of Warcraft online. He logs on and none of his friends are online so indstead he and his character collect gold. Three hours later he hears a low rumble and the house shook a little. But there are never earthquakes in Iowa. Soon the power went out, and so looking for a little light to possibly read by, Alex goes and opens the curtains to his window. Suddenly he hear a loud cracking sound, the floor of his room tilted, and he fell across the room all the way to the opposite wall. Alex's shoulder slammed into to wall causing him to shout out in pain. Soon he saw his desk come rolling toward him and almost crushing him, but instead created a small space that he was in. Using his well learned tykwondoe skills he kicked his way out of his house. When he finally got outside he saw the damage. It was as if a meteor had his roof, causing it to collapse, destroying he and his sister's rooms. But he could see that it was on fire, so right away he thought about calling the fire department, but the power was out. Right away he started running. The fire department was only about 5 blocks from his house... As he turned into the building he saw three firemen. They had been listening to the radio when he said, out of breath, "please help, my house is on fire!" Once they realized the situation they got suited up and were on their way to Alex's house. As the fire was put out Alex was greeted by his neighbors who lived across the street. Later Alex found himself in their house, and then came the noise. A loud noise coming from some unknown. The next day the noise had continued, the time said it was around 6 in the morning, but it was still very dark out. As Alex looked out his neighbors's window all he could see was fine black ash collecting in small piles outside as if it was snowing... Find out why this mysterious ash is falling, and whether or not Alex can find his family by reading the rest of this book, located in a library near you.
After I read this book, I didn't really like it, because i felt it was too gory for my liking and I also felt that it was inappropriate. These are just my feelings toward this book so I don't want to discourage you from reading it. I hope you feel differently about it! : )

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