Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY: Necklace Organizer

Girls, have you ever found that your jewelry is always all over the place? Well here is a cool and fun way to clean up your jewelry space. For long necklaces that there is just no room for:
    ( If you have a lot of wall space like I do this project will be perfect for you!)
  1. Find a nice piece of lumber. You could use a fancy piece of wood or you could even use some old driftwood. If you don't like the natural colors of the wood you can also choose to paint the wood.
  2. Organize your necklaces into groups. You can put them in color order, size order, or all mixed up, whatever pleases you.
  3. As soon as you have five or less groups you can start to look for cool door knobs, ( You may need to go to your local hardware store to find the door knobs that you like.)
 4. When you have picked out your knobs, mark points in the wood where you would like to put your knobs.
 5. Drill holes on the marked spots and screw in your door knobs.
 6. Place your necklaces on the knobs and hang the board on your wall space.

 Now you have a stylish necklace holder!
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